Jack Skirianos (chewy01234) wrote,
Jack Skirianos


I guess the process goes like this:

You make all your entries private then you make a silly post with a nonsensical picture declaring your journal is friends only?

Here goes nothing:

The REAL entry is friends only!
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wtf!!!!! I was gonna do the same thing today!!!
You were gonna make a picture with the question mark guy?
No I was gonna put up a friends only picture.
You post a friends-only entry, then post a public one saying that the real entry is friends only. It's how all the cool kids do it.
oh...well...I'll edit it.
Your nonsensical picture makes my life a better place to be!
why thank you!
man, next project Jack: photoshop THAT guy into our party pictures next time :)
1 - I agree with Jody whole-heartedly... *nods*

2 - Respect your elders, sonny, and add me to your friends list! :P

3 - Respect your betters, American, and add me to your friends list! *grins*
Sexcellente! :P
Hmm, I thought we were friends, but this is the only entry I can see...does that mean you haven"t added me yet, or you just haven"t written anzthing else yet?

I"m in Florence right now and I thought I"d come write you a nice message and say what"s up...except my keyboard is incredibly wacked out and switches ys and zs and has no single quotations marks, which is why this simple message is taking very, very long.

Anyway, hope everything is good up in Mahopac and that school is good and you"re having lots of fun. I tried to leave a nice message on myspace about how much I love TKE"s new song, but apparently, Italy hates myspace and won"t let me. So you"ll just have to wait till I get back to hear how much I love Havana Nights.

Give my love to everyone,

P.S. Since I know you"ll check this really soon, what"s your zip code? Cause I want to send you guys a postcard.
I wanna be your friend!
My name is Katie..

I give good handshakes..
That almost sounds dirty!
Katie...I have this strange feeling you're a cool kid.

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